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We have had some fun things happening at the Museum. Sue Raine and Pamela Lowry -- our very hard working volunteers – had a project that could truly be called decorative painting.

National Museum of Decorative Painting

There is a local elementary school in Atlanta that had plans to remodel their library during the spring break. There was only one problem... There was a huge dragon hanging from the ceiling which needed to be removed. Moonshine, the dragon, was adored by all the children and they were most distressed that he was leaving. They were told that Moonshine was going to Florida for spring break. Pamela’s daughter is the Assistant Principal of the school. She contacted her Mother and her Aunt for help. Sue and Pamela put their heads together and determined they could give Moonshine a new coat of color and “spiffy” him up by the time the children returned to school. It took a number of trips for them to move Moonshine (in parts) and find places for the “parts to reside in our Museum. They then had to cover all the wonderful art work so the pieces would not be damaged. That took a while as Moonshine is huge! They then base coated the dragon and the fun began. They painted 2000 “C” strokes on him and finished his new coat with one pound of glitter! They finished the project in time for Moonshine to be hung from the ceiling of the library with his new coat of many colors. Moonshine Is happily watching over reading time in the library!

National Museum of Decorative Painting   National Museum of Decorative Painting

National Museum of Decorative Painting


On dsplay now through this winter

The Museum is proud to announce an exhibit featuring some of the best of the best we have in the Museum Collection. Some of the pieces featured in the exhibit are painted by very special ladies who are no longer with us. Some were instrumental in starting the Museum Collection.   Others were instrumental in spreading the word about Decorative painting. The photos shown here are just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more that are featured in the Exhibit. Again Sue Raine and Pam Lowry, as well as, members of the Dogwood Chapter are to be thanked for their hard work.
Helen Roberts, MDA Helen Roberts, MDA was a true Texas Lady. She painted in oils early on and the magnolia is a perfect example of her work. She later switched to watercolor and was still teaching and painting into her 90’s.
Joyce Howard Joyce Howard was another early decorative artist. The tray shown here is most representative of her designs.. Della Wetterman and Joyce’s daughter are working on modernizing paint colors and repackaging Joyce’s Packets. You can purchase those patterns on Della's website.
JoAvis Moore, MDA JoAvis Moore, MDA was again another outstanding painter. More information about Jo and her work was covered in detail an earlier copy of the Museum Newsletter.   You may also view more examples of her work on our website here.
Millie Smith Millie Smith was one of our early decorative artists. Her rooster on strawberries and other similar pieces helped to introduce “folk art” to many of us. Her use of color and whimsy were wonderful.
Cheri Rol, MDA Cheri Rol, MDA is a beautiful oil painter. The still life she contributed to the Museum is representative of her talent and design ability. She may be contacted at
Vi Thode

Vi Thode is a well known rosemaler. Her use of color and design helped us all to understand and learn her technique.   This is painted in the Rogaland style.  In 1970 Vi Thode was awarded a Gold Metal for her painting at the National Rosemaling Exhibition, sponsored by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa.   Her work may be purchased at Amazon or eBay.

Sherry C. Nelson, MDA Sherry C. Nelson, MDA is a well known wildlife artist. She paints principally in oils. She has been a contributing artist to a number of Museum Publications. Sherry may be contacted from her site.

OKC Painting Palooza

National Museum of Decorative Painting

Congratulations to Darla Foreman, Janette Ward, Katie and Bob Van Horn and Larry and Cheri Rol for a very successful decorative painting show in Oklahoma City! The people who attended were most impressed and do plan to return next year. The same goes for the vendors who were present. Special thanks to Sue Raine, Pam Lowry and Melinda Barnes for manning our booth and telling many of you about the Museum. In the photo, you will see the booth and a photo of our very special volunteers. Many thanks to all three.

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Upcoming Convention
This convention and tradeshow may be of interest to artists and decorative painters.

Creative Painting Las Vegas, NV
February 26 - March 3, 2017

OKC Painting Palooza

October 23-28, 2017
Witchy Wonders

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