The Museum is proud to announce an exhibit featuring some of the best of the best we have in the Museum Collection. Some of the pieces featured in the exhibit are painted by very special ladies who are no longer with us. Some were instrumental in starting the Museum Collection.   Others were instrumental in spreading the word about Decorative painting. The photos shown here are just the tip of the iceberg ? there are many more that are featured in the Exhibit. Again Sue Raine and Pam Lowry, as well as, members of the Dogwood Chapter are to be thanked for their hard work.
Helen Roberts, MDA Helen Roberts, MDA was a true Texas Lady. She painted in oils early on and the magnolia is a perfect example of her work. She later switched to watercolor and was still teaching and painting into her 90?s.
Joyce Howard Joyce Howard was another early decorative artist. The tray shown here is most representative of her designs.. Della Wetterman and Joyce?s daughter are working on modernizing paint colors and repackaging Joyce?s Packets. You can purchase those patterns on Della's website.
JoAvis Moore, MDA JoAvis Moore, MDA was again another outstanding painter. More information about Jo and her work was covered in detail an earlier copy of the Museum Newsletter.   You may also view more examples of her work on our website here.
Millie Smith Millie Smith was one of our early decorative artists. Her rooster on strawberries and other similar pieces helped to introduce ?folk art? to many of us. Her use of color and whimsy were wonderful.
Cheri Rol, MDA Cheri Rol, MDA is a beautiful oil painter. The still life she contributed to the Museum is representative of her talent and design ability. She may be contacted at
Vi Thode

Vi Thode is a well known rosemaler. Her use of color and design helped us all to understand and learn her technique.   This is painted in the Rogaland style.  In 1970 Vi Thode was awarded a Gold Metal for her painting at the National Rosemaling Exhibition, sponsored by the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa.   Her work may be purchased at Amazon or eBay.

Sherry C. Nelson, MDA Sherry C. Nelson, MDA is a well known wildlife artist. She paints principally in oils. She has been a contributing artist to a number of Museum Publications. Sherry may be contacted from her site.


Kids and Toys Exhibit now closed

Sue Raine, Pam Lowry and members of the Atlanta Dogwood Chapter have combined forces to mount an excellent toy exhibit. The pieces are painted in many styles and mediums.   The Exhibit ran until the end of October 2016.

National Museum of Decorative Painting
Susan Pisoni?s  "Zoo Animal Party"
National Museum of Decorative Painting
Della Nelson?s "Della's Carousel"
National Museum of Decorative Painting - Jackie Shaw
Jackie Shaw's "Doodle Dandy"
National Museum of Decorative Painting
Peggy Mauldin's "Beach Party"
National Museum of Decorative Painting - Helan Barrick
Helan Barrick's "Planting Creative Seeds"
Helan Barrick's website
National Museum of Decorative Painting - Chris Thornton-Deason
Chris Thornton-Deason "Fun Child's Quilt"
Chris Thornton-Deason's website


Opened November 11, 2014 and closed in 2015.

The National Museum of Decorative Painting was proud to announce the ZHOSTOVO EXHIBIT showcasing this most exciting Russian Folk Art form. The exhibit included over 40 hand-painted Zhostovo metal trays as well as other examples of Russian Folk Art.

The recent acquisition of 13 trays from Jan Shaw's collection makes this showing even more special and timely.

The Zhostovo style of delicately executed florals on a black background with a high gloss lacquer finish is well represented by such artists as:

Tatiana Sholokova
Tatiana Sholokova
Boris Grafov Nina Goncharova
Boris Grafov Nina Goncharova

Zhostovo Exhibit National Museum of Decorative Painting

The Museum invites you to view the variety and the exquisite detail of these hand-painted original works of art. We are sure that you will be as excited and amazed as we are .

Hours 10 AM - 2 PM Tuesday and Thursday or by appointment.

The History of Zhostovo

The art of painting on metal trays in the Zhostovo style started in the village of Zhostovo, near Nizigny Tagil, a metal manufacturing area in the Ural Mountains in the early 1800's. Local artists used the locally produced metal trays as an outlet for their decorative art. The development of a lacquer that would not crack when painted on metal insured the longevity of the trays and the art form.

Russian Zhostovo Russian stamp


An example of Russian Zhostovo art on a Russian Stamp

Today artists produce their works in a Zhostovo artist's co-operative just north of Moscow, which was founded in 1928. Over 200 artists produce Zhostovo trays individually by hand. These trays have been displayed world-wide and are recognized as supreme examples of decorative art.

Mikhail Lebedev Zhostovo Artist    Zhostovo Artist


Plans are being made to add more of our Art Collections to our website in the future.